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Please Note: We do not accept any reservations up to an hour and 45 minutes prior to a sporting event or large concert at Budweiser Gardens, seating is available on a first come first served basis for these events. As well, any special offers for that specific day will not be active during the two hours before one of these events at Budweiser Gardens (i.e. All You Can Eat Wings). The special offer will resume once the event begins at Budweiser Gardens.

Please be aware that due to the high volume of diners before a Budweiser Gardens Event, we may be running our “Limited Menu”. This Menu features most of your favourite dishes from our main menu (minus a couple of selections). We do this for your convenience to ensure that we are able to get you to the event in a timely fashion. If the dish you are looking to order is not on our limited menu when you arrive, we will gladly offer you our full menu, but there may be an additional wait time for your food.

If we are unable to accomodate your group using the booking form or if you'd like to make a reservation for 8 or more people, please contact us.